27 03 2009

A quick word about Dollhouse, Joss Whedon’s new show.  So far, I’ve enjoyed the premise. There has been, however, a huge difference between the episodes that have been written by the Fox bullpen and the one written by Joss Whedon. Whedon’s writing (as also evidenced in The Astonishing X-Men) is far stronger than a lot of what is on television.  

It would be nice to see Fox not take a good idea and beat it into a tired formula like they’ve done with Fringe. Let’s hope Whedon can take some control over his show.


Twilight Zone Marathon

2 01 2008

serlingrod.jpgI admit it, I spent New Year’s day on the couch all day watching the Twilight Zone on The Sci Fi Channel. It’s interesting, we noticed that this year episodes seemed to be grouped by theme so you’d get two or three in a row surrounding maniac children with mind-control powers or the end of the world. I also noticed that Rod Serling seems to have a few themes that he includes in a lot of his work, including The Planet of the Apes: man’s struggle alone against the universe, people out of place with their time or surroundings, the outsider, the end of the world, etc. Overall, it was great to watch about 15 of the episodes, spotting Burgess Meredith, Mary Hartley, Robert Duval, and Robert Redford (playing Mr. Death). Why can’t they make TV like that anymore?