Unlock the Phones

8 01 2009

My current cell phone, a Nokia 6085 is fine for what it is… a phone. To be honest, I’ve dropped the thing, smashed the outer window/display and generally abused the hell out of it. In the year or so that I’ve owned it, it’s become a dinosaur. The advances in smartphones has been pretty impressive in that time and I’ve been looking at many new smartphones (including the iPhone).

To be honest, I’ve been quite excited by the idea behind Google’s operating system Android. I like the idea of an open source language that encourages innovation. I also like the idea of broader handset choice. I’m currently an AT&T customer but I want choice. I’m not a fan of the Blackberry and I might not want an iPhone. When I saw that Palm was releasing a new smartphone, I was interested. Then, I read a first look report and some of the New York Times coverage. The phone will be exclusive through Sprint.

It’s time that hardware manufacturers start to unlock phones, charge more for them, and let us take them to the provider of our choice. I’d like to see more hardware running the Android platform that I can use on any network. Currently the only one I’ve found has been the Kogan Agora from Australia. While it looks like a cool phone, it would be nice if I didn’t have to buy something sight unseen from halfway around the globe.

Maybe if we had more choice and interoperability here in the United States we’d also have more powerful devices.


Another Week Another Post

3 05 2008

May means spring is here in North Carolina, the summer movie season is starting out, and another week has passed meaning I need to update this site before my readers get bored and go elsewhere to read about God knows what. So what’s up this week? Well, let’s jump right in…

In books, I finished Neighbors by Thomas Berger.  What a demented book.  It’s a great novel covering the events of one night when new people move in next door to Earl Keese.  Harry and Ramona then proceed to torment Earl in a way that makes me (even more than now) want to never speak or look at my neighbors again.  You can buy it here at Powells or here at Amazon.

Continuing in literature, One-Story magazine has published issue #102.

In pop culture, Electricity & Lust is back to the general pop culture posts. Also, thanks to Electricity & Lust for pointing us to a trailer to the new Hulk movie. I might be one of the few people excited about seeing it.

Also, Iron Man has come out. I’m looking forward to seeing that too!

Cinematically Correct wrote his weekly Lost thoughts. I’m very jealous as he went to see Jack White and the boys in concert Thursday night.

In the interwebs, Google has added new artist themes to the options of stuff you can add to your iGoogle page. It’s some asshole artists and some good stuff. It’s at least worth checking out.

In technology, I saw a couple of cool things this week. Most are for the road warrior. They include:

What else? A few loose ends…

  • Former nerdy teen Patrick Dempsey has released what I want to nominate as the dumbest, worst movie of the year: Made of Honor. This movie sucked the last six times they made it.
  • A few new comics came out this week, but Secret Invasion #2 is on the horizon for next Wednesday.

And a final word of advice for all of you out there shopping for Mother’s Day. It comes from my lovely wife Shannon who is a new mother (just 8 weeks) herself.

Don’t buy me anything for Mother’s Day that the television tells you to buy.

Long Tired Week

27 04 2008

It’s been a weird, long week. I didn’t seem to get a lot of reading done and soaked in media mostly via the television. However, thinking back there are a number of things to talk about and share with my reader.

In technology, the Times’ Circuits section has once again pointed out some interesting tech items. First, the DYMO Disc Painter let’s you burn images right onto your CD or DVD without a label. While not everyone needs or could use it, I just thought it was cool.
Secondly, SanDisk’s Cruzer Titanium Plus is a nifty flash drive with a few tricks up its sleeve. It has some additional features including security and backup.

In television, I have to admit I’ve discovered a great show later than the rest of the universe. Battlestar Galactica is one of the coolest, most interesting series I have seen in some time. Shannon and I have made it through the mini-series and are eager to begin hitting the other episodes.

Also in television, we just finished John Adams on HBO. If you get HBO, its a series worth watching. Thankfully, HBO repeats everything all the time so if you missed it, I bet you can still catch it.

Finally in television, Lost was came roaring back this week and holy shit, it was a good episode. Cinematically Correct, LOTRKing, Vozzek69 on Dark UFO and Jeff Jensen on Dark UFO have posted their thoughts.

In books, I added The Green Marketing Manifesto to my mountain of books that are yet to be read.

In music, I just popped a Be Your Own Pet CD into my car. So far, it rocks out quite nicely. It reminds me a little bit of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

In sad news, one of my local record stores Schoolkids closed. While I still have Off Beat in Durham I really wish I had a better choice than Amazon on the interwebs. I’d love any suggestions for an independent record store on the web that I could order from. I love going to record stores but find that I don’t have a lot of time available to leave my couch. Babies do that for some reason.

A few random notes:

  • I still have a stack of comics to go through and more to buy this week. Captain America #37 was great. Can’t wait for the next issue of Secret Invasion.
  • In movies, we bought Gone Baby Gone on Pay per View and it was excellent. Well worth checking out. We also watched Can’t Buy Me Love and laughed at the silliness of Patrick Dempsey.

That’s it for now, as Shannon just said, the baby has opened the cargo bay doors and dropped a big payload.

More Interesting Publishing News

16 04 2008

The One-Story Magazine blogreported today that Small Beer Press is giving away a collection of short stories by John Kessel. The author apparently lives here in the Triangle area. I’ve downloaded it and considering what to do with it. It’s quite a number (347) of total pages. Where can you get it? Why are they doing it? What is this madness? Check it out here. I guess you can’t stop progress, though you can always buy it the old fashioned way at Powells Books.