Where’s Your Burpcloth?

29 06 2008

That’s the big question in my house for the 15th straight week as Sean continues to resemble Linda Blair. This week I’ve actually put a decent dent in my giant stack of comics, watched some Battlestar Galactica, and continued to listen to the new Jakob Dylan album while also listening to the new Mudhoney album (I wrote a tiny bit about it here). So before the baby spits up all over me again, let’s begin…

In comics this week there are a few good things to note…

  • LOTRKing gives us a Marvel year in review. Or at least the year so far. I half agree with his X-Men synopsis but can’t argue with the rest of his article. He also digs back into the archives and reviews Fantastic Four #124 from 1972.
  • The AVClub features a lengthy comics panel
  • Electricity & Lust pointed me towards Peter Travers’ review of The Dark Knight and it sounds quite amazing.
  • Zach Smith had a cool free comic called Satan P.I. on his website (it showed up in my reader) but the link has been disabled. When it comes back I’ll link to it, it’s really sharp and fun!

Finally in comics, I believe the comics world is off in Chicago (or about to return). I know the guys at my local shop, Ultimate Comics (as seen in the new Marvel book 1985) are there. I’ve also found the Invinsible Superblog.

In television, thanks to Cinematically Correct for posting the preview of the new season of 24. The question is, will they sucker me in again?

In books and other misc. words, a few things I noticed this week…

Electricity & Lust has two interesting posts this week. Their Diggin post talks about the New Hold Steady (among other stuff), and they provide the usual great mix of links per usual. Many weeks they help me keep up on stuff in ten minutes instead of searching for hours. I’d add them to my RSS if I were you.

And finally, George Carlin died a week ago. I’ve posted a few thoughts from others below, but my favorite was when Howard Stern asked Gilbert Gottfried if he had any bad stories about George Carlin and he did. Apparently George told Gilbert to get the hell away from him and to leave him alone once.

  • Cinematically Correct mentions it here.
  • The AVClub here.
  • The New York Times here.

The Week that Was

19 04 2008

So another week has come and gone. I haven’t really absorbed a lot of media this week. It’s been a lot of watching the Yankees lose and watching my TiVo crash over and over again thanks to Directv’s shitty software updates (the word on the interwebs is that it’s only happening here in central, NC). I wish two of my favorites could play nice together again. I don’t want to go back to cable but I do want to buy one of those nifty HD Tivo series 3 boxes. Anyway, I’ve read a few things, noticed a few things, and bought a few things. In no particular order, here they are:

A trip away from my usual comic book store to Chapel Hill Comics led to a puchase of Michael Chabon’s first work of non-fiction Maps and Legends. It’s gone on my giant pile of books left to read, which also includes:
In Hoboken by Christian Bauman
Signal & Noise by John Griesemer.
Summerland by Michael Chabon.
Scores of New Yorkers, piles of comics, and a few other random magazines.

Other interesting links from the week include:
The AV Club’s Comics Panel is out this week and covers a new limited run of American Splendor.
Ryan Adams continues to communicate with the world.
Issue 101 of One-Story has come out.
Thanks to Electricity & Lust for pointing out new details on Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse, though I do wish he would write another 100 issues of the Astonishing X-Men instead.
Save Baby Gorilla is reporting that Artie Lange will be back on the Stern show on Monday.

Ok, off to bed to read a little of my current book Neighbors by Thomas Berger. Good night!