This site is set up as a home for me to discuss all of the things I am consuming:  books, comic books, magazines, pop culture, music, television, movies, blogs, etc.  The idea is to encourage me to not only do more than rot on the couch everynight by reading more, but to go out and seek new out new pop culture to feed the junkie inside.

My ranting and raving at Ruined My Life
My photoblog at Fixed My Life
My travel related blog at Delayed Again.
Many of my photographs can be found on my Flickr page
My journeys through the interwebs can be found at Delicious
What I’m doing up to the second over on Twitter
If you’re really interested, there’s always my Friendfeed that encompasses it all.

I’ve also recently started a gardening blog called GreenGardn

It’s all too much isn’t it? I should mention it’s all in one place here at my Google Profile


2 responses

27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

24 06 2008

Hey! Thanks for mentioning my blog, Plain Or Pan? Keep coming back for more great tunes and useless information.


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