The Oscars

22 01 2009

The Oscar nominees came out today. While for the most part I’m not surprised or upset by the choices, I am horrified that The Dark Knight was snubbed for best picture. When pieces of crap like Titanic and Chicago can win, but The Dark Knight is locked out of contention it makes the Oscars look like the Grammy’s or the Emmy’s.

Essentially I believe the Academy has lost all the credibility it built up with last year’s win for No Country for Old Men.




3 responses

22 01 2009

I found nothing surprising or interesting in this year’s nominations. The Oscars aren’t really relevant any longer, at least not for me.

22 01 2009

I guess you’re right. I should stop being surprised or frustrated when pop culture does nothing to be compelling. Even the host for this year’s Oscars suck.

22 01 2009
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