Movie Review: Juno

21 01 2009

juno-poster2-big1So last night, our TiVo presented us with the darling of the film world, Juno. About half way through this movie, I felt compelled to write something about how it made me feel. Let me start by saying that I don’t get what all the buzz was about. While Juno was technically a well shot movie, the writing was horrific and that just ruined it all.

First, the dialog between the teen characters was the most annoying thing I’d ever heard in my life. First, I don’t believe that teens talk that way today. Secondly, I felt like the movie was trying so hard to be hip and cool that none of the characters had conversations that amounted to anything.

The characters in the movie were horrific. Between the teenagers who seemed incredibly smart and dumb at the same time and the portrayal of Gen-X adults as shallow and borderline pedophilic, I found myself repulsed by nearly all of the paper-thin characters. The only actor who seemed to rise above the limited writing was J.K. Simmons.

The thing that disturbed me greatly, wasn’t how the movie depicted teen pregnancy, it was that there wasn’t a real emotion or situation in the entire script. Diablo Cody has written a screenplay that, while cutesy and cheeky, has none of the truth or real emotion she seems to think it contains. It also contains an incredibly weak portrayal of pregnancy. As my wife pointed out, some of the facts presented were just wrong.

I have no idea why critics loved this movie. The performances were fine, but the source material was really limited. The quick fire, “witty” dialog attempts to hide the sins of the plot and characterization.

To top it off, the music in this movie was the worst I’ve ever heard. It seems like it’s a collection of the worst played indie rock from the last five years.

I’d avoid this movie. Just read some of the other reviews here.




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21 01 2009

You know how I feel since I watched the film with you, but I couldn’t agree more.

I also remembered what the music reminded me of, besides children’s songs: Surrey with the Fringe on Top from Oklahoma!

“Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry!”

21 01 2009
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27 01 2009

You were too distracted by the dialogue.

“Juno” is pretty fantastic.

I don’t think it matters that most kids — if any — speak that way. I worked in newspapers for nearly a decade and never met a person who spoke like Cary Grant in “His Girl Friday.” The heightened dialogue just makes it more entertaining.

There’s a whole helluva lot of heart in that movie, though.

27 01 2009

Well, putting the conversations aside (because you’re right, sometimes movie talk and real world talk don’t match), I just couldn’t find a character I liked in the movie. Also, it’s a totally unrealistic portrayal of pregnancy.

I just didn’t see the heart. I felt like it was so flat in terms of emotion and didn’t reflect anything true back to me. Honestly, I thought Knocked Up was a much better version of a similar theme. That movie actually spoke some truth about the human condition. For me, Juno was just a pretentious mess.

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