Ryan Adams

17 04 2008

Ryan Adams has been blogging. It’s interesting to see him play music, give you a peek into his life, etc. This post is really interesting. He gives a few honest answers to rumors and stories floating out there about him. It’s refreshing to see this from anyone. He’s a great musician who catches a lot of shit from fans, critics, the press, etc. that is unwarranted. He does make fabulous records though.




2 responses

17 04 2008

He does get too much shit! He gets shit for being too indie or being too commercial or having spiky hair…what’s the big deal? He’s not even pseudo-famous or anything.

17 04 2008

The local music critic in Raleigh bitches and moans that he puts out too much music but can’t ever seem to say which songs should stay or go. All the hipsters think Whiskeytown was perfect and his newer stuff sucks. He just can’t win. I had a few issues with Easy Tiger, but it was more about the merits of the album and the directions of some of the songs and production. The thing is, with the amount of shit he gets, you’d think he’d get an equal amount or at least some proportion of respect too.

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