New Music: The Racounteurs

29 03 2008

The Racounteurs new album came out this week and I’ve been playing it very loudly in the car. Very loudly. Consolers of the Lonely is a completely different album than the band’s debut Broken Boy Soldiers. It’s louder, it’s harder, and it’s much easier to spot a Jack White or Brendan Benson song. Personally I find the album to be fantastic. I keep trying to figure out who or what it sounds like and I can’t come up with a good comparison. In some ways (and don’t jump down my throat for this) it sounds a bit like the Beatles. What do I mean by that? Well, the two front men have differing styles but are able to come together in harmony and add a melodic element you don’t often hear today. Maybe Beatlesesque would be a better term.

That being said, the album is loud. Very loud. In some places it sounds like the band is about to explode. The New York Times called the album bordering on manic from time to time. I don’t disagree, but I don’t find that to be a problem either. 

Reviews have been somewhat mixed on this album. Here are a few I’ve found on the interwebs…

Cinematically Correct’s Review

Rolling Stone’s Review

The Daily Cardinal’s Review

The Belfast Telegraph’s Review

The AV Club Review

Next album in line for a good listen, Kathleen Edwards’ new album Asking for Flowers.




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29 03 2008
New Music: The Racounteurs

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7 04 2008

If you’re loving that, you should definitely try The Black Key’s new album ‘Attack and Release’. Deep down garage soul and their most satisfying set of tunes so far.

7 04 2008

I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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