New Captain America

2 01 2008

So a while back Marvel went and killed Captain America. Well, to be precise they killed Steve Rogers. At the time I was pretty pissed off. First I thought they would just bring him back from the dead, then I thought they took the Civil War thing too far. However, I started actually reading the book again. Between the Red Skull, the Winter Soldier (former sidekick Bucky Barnes), Agent 13, Iron Man, Shield, the Falcon, etc. all I’m really missing is Nick Fury. The title seems to have some new life. The writing has been crisp, the stories interesting, and I’m looking forward to it more and more.

Now, it seems that the title character is coming back. This should be interesting considering the end of issue #33 (I’m not going to put a spoiler in, go read it). Marvel has released pictures here. Go check them out, it looks like a new and interesting direction.




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2 01 2008

I never, ever, imagined myself reading a Captain America comic at this point in my life. Yeah, I loved him as a kid, but I didn’t buy a Cap comic for probably 25 yrs until Brubaker came on the scene. I can’t even remember why I bought this version, but I’m damn glad I did. What I like was how seamlessly they merged the whole “Civil War” thing into cap’s title. I’m looking forward for the new one, although something tells me Steve Rogers is not gone forever……

2 01 2008
Tim H

Brubaker has been doing a phenomenal job writing Captain America, I agree that the new Captain America should be awesome, and the person who is, in all likelyhood given the end of #33, taking up the mantle of Cap is one of the few people I think who I would be OK with doing it.

2 01 2008

I agree. This is a lot better than the last “New” Captain America from the 1980s. I now find that I wish USAgent would go away and never understand why he shows up when he does.

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